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Shahrukh Khan Making Of Bollywood Movie Zero


Shahrukh Khan Making Of Bollywood Movie Zero: As the world has been evolving day by day, more and more mysteries have been revealing. But some mysteries become more mysterious after coming out in the open. An example is an aged person beginning to convert to a child or a person looking taller or smaller than he or she is actually. A Bollywood mysterious movie is “Zero” which took 1 year to be recorded and 1 more year is required for the film to be edited. But before this, on 1st January, when a 10-second teaser of this film was released, it crossed more than 1 crore views in a few hours which is a record on social media. Here is the complete description of Shahrukh Khan Making Of Bollywood Movie Zero.

Shahrukh Khan Making Of Bollywood Movie Zero:-

Shahrukh Khan Making Of Bollywood Movie Zero



Zero is a romantic Indian film which is expected to be released in December 2018. Its author is Himanshu Sharma, the director is Anand L Roy and is produced by Gauri Khan. It has been prepared by Red Chilies Entertainment Company, which is owned by Shahrukh Khan. In this film, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif have also been performing in the central role with Shahrukh Khan.

In this film, 5 foot 8 inches popular Indian Star Shahrukh Khan is portraying the character of a 2 and a half foot dwarf. The film teaser has been so popular among the Indian people that every person is now discussing this film and the mysterious technique behind it. People have been giving interesting comments on this topic and also have been making predictions on the mysterious technique used. This film might break all records of the past and be an example. Film lovers have been eagerly waiting for the film whose releasing date has been announced as 21st December.

It has been not happening the first time in a Bollywood film. Before this Kamal Hassan has also portrayed the character of a dwarf in the film Apoorva Sagodharargal but at that time CGI technology, which is also termed as manipulative technology, has not been introduced. Bollywood had to use local technology to decrease Kamal Hassan’s height and by using special shoes and camera tricks, Kamal Hassan was showed as a dwarf. But in Zero, as Shahrukh Khan has been portrayed as a 2.5-foot dwarf, very advanced technology has been used.

 In this film, not only camera tricks but CGI technology has also been sparkling magic. Shahrukh Khan’s own opinion is that Zero is the only film in the world whose production took such a lot of special effects that it can be termed as advanced special effects film. A lot of money has been spent in the making of this film. This is the reason that Zero took almost 2 years to be complete.

 Even though this technology has been used in the Hollywood film “The Lord of the Rings” to create a whole army of dwarves but the most interesting aspect of this technology is when it is used to transform an aged person to a child which is known as Frost Perspective Technique. Through this short can be shown as tall and the tall can be shown as short.

This technology works by moving the object close or far to the camera to portray the object as either tall or short, but the cameraman should be really expert in his work. Two sets are made for this. On one the original film is being shooted and the other one is used for showing a person tall or short. Both scenes are recorded are afterward desired results are obtained by either editing or combining both the scenes. After this those amazing scenes come on the screen which has nothing to do with the real world. As will be shown in Shahrukh Khan’s film being released on 21st December.

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