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Something is wrong with your liver | Liver Diseases symptoms | Cure Liver diseases


Somethings is wrong with your liver | Liver Diseases symptoms | Cure Liver diseases:

     Today we are going to talk about an important body part i.e Liver. Liver is a large organ of our body. Diseases because of liver are  fatty liver, liver cirrhosis. The major problem is that these problems doesn’t came into notice. Even if your liver is damaged 90% still there would be no symptoms in the body. It is necessary to know that whether liver functioning properly or it has started getting damaged. Lets see Symptoms of liver.

     First of all go to the simple test called LFT (Lever Functions Test). So that to know the condition of liver. If you have bloating in your stomach it may possible that liver is enlarged or turned into fatty. If the eyes and skins turns Pale, there could the symptoms of fatty liver. If right side shoulder is aching from here to here, this could be one of the reason of fatty liver. If any skin disease occur and, itching in hands, palms, foot soles. This could also be the one of the symptom of fatty liver. If the liver is damaged up to 90% body works normally that is bad news. But there is a good news as well, that only Liver is one of the organ which can be regenerate 100%.

     Let me tell you that what you have to do for this. If you feel pain in your right rib or upper abdomen this could also be the symptom of fatty liver. When liver is too much enlarged then it put pressure on the heart. Due to this ones start getting missing the pulse. Sometimes pulse rate go high and even possibilities of high BP is also there. Normally it is said to sleep at the left side but if you suffering from the problem of fatty liver then you should not sleep towards left right as in at that time liver put pressure on heart. This make you enable to sleep properly and also inability in proper heart functioning. In this case you sleep at right side.

      There are several things which damages the liver tissues. For example Alcohol, Several types of Allopathic medicines damages liver tissues. Whenever we take them, some of the cells of our liver got damaged. So to cure fatty liver or any other liver diseases, we should protect the liver cells from this damage. The most easiest way to cure fatty liver is to stop using deep fried food, junk food. People are also not sure about the Oil that which is good or bad for him. If coconut oil easily available then it can be very beneficial for liver. Using little amount of Butter is also hot harmful. Do not use corn oil also should not be use hydrogenated Oil like Dalda.

    Food items which are bitter in taste are good for liver.  For example Radish as in it has slightly bitter taste. It is very good for liver, take it as salad or drink its juice daily. Use Spinach, Dark green leafy vegetables as in they are very good for liver. You can also eat Papaya as its very good for the liver. Eat garlic cloves. If you do all these tips then your liver remain healthy.  



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