How To Speed Up Android Mobile Phone in 2018

How To Speed Up Android Mobile Phone in 2018: If your mobile speed is slow, you can increase your mobile phone speed by these simple 7 methods or techniques.

How To Speed Up Android Mobile Phone in 2018:-

Speed Up Android Mobile Phone in 2018

7. Low Storage

The reason for the 7th number is low storage which means the internal memory of your mobile is too low to store new files. If you do not empty your storage by removing files, then your mobile will be slow automatically. The operating system needs some empty space for the mobile to work efficiently. If you use the external memory card but it has low reading or writing speed, then the overall speed could be low. The solution is this that you should always buy a memory card of high reading and writing speed and a good brand.

6. Reboot

The 6th big reason is that you have not restarted your mobile ever since you bought it. By restarting or rebooting your mobile once a week, the speed of mobile can definitely be improved.

5. Regular Updates

The 5th big reason is that the Android operating system is not regularly updated according to Google updates. This could result in either app not working at all or apps working really slowly. You should update your mobile and shift to the latest version of the android regularly.

4. Not Resetting

The 4th big reason for a mobile to work slowly is using a mobile constantly for 2 to 3 years or even 1 year by resetting. If you use a mobile constantly, some temporary files are being made constantly which are not deleted. At a time, so many temporary files are made in the mobile that they cannot be deleted even by any software. The only solution to this is by restore factory setting your mobile after every 6 months or a year. There is no better way to improve the speed of your mobile if you do not want to buy a new mobile.

3. Extra Apps 

The 3rd big reason for your mobile to work slowly are those extra apps that you have installed without even bothering to use them. All the apps keep working somewhere in the background which is absolutely hard to figure out. These apps use your processor and RAM on the backhand. The solution to this is that you should only download those apps that you use. You should download them from play store as much as you can and you should keep in mind that they should have a good rating and a respectable number of downloads.

 2. RAM Consuming Apps

The 2nd reason for your mobile to run slowly is to use such apps which consume your RAM quite a lot. You should keep an eye on such RAM consuming apps and uninstall them.

1. Antivirus

The greatest reason for your mobile to work slowly is the antivirus installed on your mobile. Updated Android mobile nowadays do not need an antivirus as they have a very strong layer of security and it is not possible for any malware to attack your mobile easily. Antivirus companies usually fail at protecting your mobile from antivirus. Antivirus usually slows your mobile as your mobile does not needs any antivirus.


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