Strategy and Tips for CSS, PMS Interview Tips to Clear Interview

Strategy and Tips for CSS, PMS Interview Tips to Clear Interview: Let’s start today with viva and interview. What is the difference between viva and interview? Viva is a Latin or Spanish word which pronouns like Beba or viva. So it means living voice. When the people examine you orally then this is called Viva. For example, in many exams, there is a written part next and sometimes the last one is viva. It may be after thesis of M.phil or Ph.D. So it is called viva not interview. Here is the complete detail about Strategy and Tips for CSS, PMS Interview Tips to Clear Interview.

Strategy and Tips for CSS, PMS Interview Tips to Clear Interview:-

Strategy and Tips for CSS, PMS Interview Tips to Clear Interview


In many competitive examination words, viva is used because that is an oral examination.  The word interview means face to face looking at each other. Previously in past kings and emperor or important people, they will meet each other and discuss important matter face to face. Nowadays interview use mostly for a job, press interview important personality or investigation of a crime or any achievement or performance. That is called interview.

In an academic sense or competitive exam, the word viva is used. It is part of the examination. One part is written and another part is oral so the oral is called Viva. It is part of the examination, not just interview. Viva is your living voice because in written part you were reading and writing. Your reading and writing skills are tested. Next part is listening and speaking. Listing and speaking is the part of viva. you have to listen to them and speak to them. So listening is very very important. If you do not listen properly then you will be unable to speak properly. Listening comprehension then speaking skills. You have to express yourself.

When you go inside viva Hall for an interview. At that time you are greeting. Do not sit until you have asked to: have a sit? Then you sit down the chair that is available for you. You body language and eye contact are very important. Your gestures your hand’s everything notices theirs.  You should not have a mobile phone or anything else that will disturb you. Keep yourself relax because that is not done or die. If you do not get the job or not qualify then you did not die. It is not the matter of life and death. Observe the room what kind of it is. If they ask the question in English then answers them in English. So if they ask the question in your mother language or in Urdu then answer them in that language. You must carry your skills because interview or viva is just like selling yourself. You might have seen somebody that is marketing a product. You have to wear a nice dress in outside but inside is very important. You are wearing gorgeous dress elegant style but you have nothing inside. You are hallowed spiritually and intellectually then automatically your dress was not helping you.

It also the test of personality. Personality means the sum of internal and external characteristic. These things would express your behavior, character and habits. So these things are very important. They will create difficult things for you and then they will see your performance under pressure. You have to defend yourself, your performance and your studies. Self-confidence is very important. If you will not have self-confidence then will check you in few minutes. This man is not fit. Very important things are eye contact, body languages. You do not touch chair in or anything else. If you have no question then try to say something, silence is not good. But do not tell a lie if you do not know absolutely anything then try to say ‘sorry’. Remember the very very important point that they are not judging your knowledge. They are judging your understanding and your personality.

You must be spiritually strong on the day of the interview. You must day Yoga, go to the shrine or can do any spiritual exercise. Your mother, father or anyone prey on you. You can go to any saint or holy place. You must sleep well at night, play some games and relax before going to interview. You should reach early at that place at least one hour before the interview. Do not take anything inside hall room for drinking or chewing gum or anything else. You must just have a dress nothing else even your purse leave it outside. Just be easy


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