Telenor is First Network in Pakistan Launches VoLTE

Leading a new era of communication with another of the first in the industry, Pakistan’s leading provider of digital and telecommunications services, Telenor Pakistan, enabled VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology in its network.

After the successful VoLTE test that has already been carried out for its employees, Telenor Pakistan will soon benefit from VoLTE’s diverse clientele.
VoLTE is a standard-based technology needed to support voice calls through an LTE network that guarantees high-quality voice using the leading IMS advanced solution.

Telenor is First Network in Pakistan Launches VoLTE

Telenor is First Network in Pakistan Launches VoLTE

Through VoLTE, consumers can make calls via the 4G data network, instead of switching to the 2G or 3G network, which means that the user can also use voice and data, except for better voice quality. At the same time, they have a direct connection between VoLTE calls and significantly reduce the call connection between VoLTE compared to non-VoLTE users on traditional calls.

VoLTE eliminates the need for an inherited traditional network, which moves to advanced protocols and rich applications to develop on top.

Telenor Pakistan’s VoLTE solution has been developed on an OpenSource platform and is internally customized and developed. The platform is implemented in the DevOps model and uses the form of crowdsourcing work, which captures the best talent from around the world for advanced development.

This will enable Telenor Pakistan to offer solutions to its clients, as well as complementary services with efficiency and agility.

Telenor Pakistan Technology Director Khurrum Ashfaque expressed his enthusiasm for completing the successful VoLTE project and linked to the development of technological innovation in the country.

He Said in Tweet:

Telenor Pakistan has always been a frontrunner in the growth of technology and innovation, introducing the country’s first 4.5G network and having a diverse portfolio of digital products. With total mobile subscriptions within the country crossing the 150 million mark, it has become imperative for organizations such as Telenor Pakistan to come up with viable and efficient solutions that help our consumers save time and get more value for money. With VoLTE, we hope to bring Pakistan into a new era of technological innovation by enabling our customers to fully reap the benefits of flawless communication

Telenor Pakistan will soon integrate VoLTE into all its 4G Infinity phones and will continue to work with other device manufacturers to provide a better LTE calling experience for the people of Pakistan for the first time.

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