Top 10 Countries with Highest Employment Rate 2018

Top 10 Countries with Highest Employment Rate 2018: Today I am going to share the countries that providing more jobs opportunities in the world. Everybody needs to live and survive in the world. Nowadays everyone focuses on how to get good jobs. Jobs plays an important rule in the economy of any country. These countries consider the most developed in the world. Here are the Top 10 Countries with Highest Employment Rate 2018. 

Top 10 Countries with Highest Employment Rate 2018:-


1. Singapore

Countries with Highest Employment Rate 2018

At the top of the list is Singapore which has the highest job index of 82.56. This country belongs to Asia and is also termed as a small country with respect to population. It has an area of 683 square kilometers and the population is just 550000.

2. Hong Kong

In the list of most job providing countries, Hong Kong is second on the list. It has the fastest growth of the economy which leads to growing job opportunities. Hong Kong has a job index of 80 percent.

3. United Arab Emarat

On the third number is the most favorite country of Asians with respect to work, UAE. It is the federation of 7 emirates. Abu Dhabi is its capital. Dubai is the is important federation where Burj Khalifa tower, enormous shopping centers, and extravagant entertainment are located.UAE has always been giving opportunities for working with less literate people. It has a job index of 78.83.

4. Australia


Australia is on the fourth number on this list where good job opportunities are being provided nowadays, which is of great benefit to the foreigners. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world’s sixth-largest country by total area. It has a job index of 77.46.

5. United State of America

USA is the most important country in the world. It has famous cities including Washington DC is capital and California is famous for filmmaking industries. The USA is in fifth position the list where unemployment ratio has gone down this year, bringing up the job index to 75.59.

6. France

France is also a very important country in job providing. Paris is its capital that is very famous for its fashion houses, classical art museums and the Eiffel Tower.  France is in the sixth position on this list both local people and foreigners have great job opportunities. It has a job index of 75.36 percent.

 7. China

After France, China is in the seventh position. Due to its faster-growing industrial rate, China has been leaving the world behind. The job index has been recorded at 74.84. In the countries providing highest job opportunities,


Netherland is famous for the flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam is its capital. Its population is about seventeen million  Netherland stands on the eighth number. It has a job index of 74.65 percent.

9. United Kingdom

On ninth position is the United Kingdom where job index is 73.75 which is exceeds last year by a few points. It means that the UK has improved in providing job opportunities to foreigners. In the list of counties providing the most jobs,

10. Mexico

Mexico is in the tenth position. It is the most important country.  Due to its growing industries, Mexico has provided jobs to 73.4 percent people.  It is the sixth largest country the Americas by its total area and the 13th number in the world.


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