Top 5 Wild Animal of Pakistan

Top 5 wild animal of Pakistan: Hello everyone today I am going to share the most important facts about the wildlife in Pakistan. Pakistani forest and mountains are the home to wild animals. These animals are found in Pakistani forest and parks. These wild animal can also be found in big cities zoo.  Many Pakistani forests. Most dense forests of Pakistan provided shelter to these wild animals. All these animal also found in the big forest like Amazon. But instead of treasuring these animals we continually cutting forests. Forest wood cutting mafia is the major threat to these animals. It is a national shame on how we treat those animals. It will be a very sad day when all these animals disappear. To protect these animals we all try our best to protect them and save our wildlife and animals. Here is Top 5 wild animal of Pakistan.


Top 5 wild animal of Pakistan:-

1. Markhor

top 5 wild animals of pakistan

This beautiful wild goat is found in the northern mountain ranges of Pakistan. Markhor is also the national animal of Pakistan. The total global population of Markhors estimated to be 2,500 and out of this about 1,500 Markhors is found in Pakistan.

2. Fishing Cat

top 5 wild animal found in pakistan

Fishing Cat is a medium-sized wild cat that is native to South Asia. Current status of this species is that it is being encountered and believed to be declining. Degradation and wetland destruction are the primary threats to these species. Its hunting is prohibited in Pakistan. There is a national legislation in most of its range.


3. Himalayan Brown bear

As the name of the animal suggests, it is found in and around the Himalaya Mountain Range. It is the largest animal found in the Himalayas. The color of the bear is reddish or sandy brown. The population of this beautiful animal is only 150 to 200 in Pakistan.


4. Asian Black Bear

Asian Black-Menthe Hi region. In Pakistan, there is a black bear that is basically Med subspecies of the Asian black bead population, their lives are in danger. At present, there are only 1,000 Asian black bears in Pakistan and is likely to decrease with the passage of time if conservation efforts are not made to look after this endangered species. It has already been included in the list of ‘endangering species In Pakistan.

5. Snow Leopard

snow leopard in pakistan


Northern mountains of Pakistan. According to reports, there are only 200 Snow Leopards left in Pakistan. These are found in the Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Pamir, and Himalayan Mountains in KPK, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.



So, These are top 5 wild animals of Pakistan. These animals can also be considered the most important animal found in Pakistani forests. Some of these animals are found dense forest and are very dangerous for human. Beware of these wild animals if you found anywhere. If you have any question or queries then feel free give us your views points in the comments below.




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