Top 6 Regiment in Pak Army

Top 6 Regiment in Pak Army: PAK ARMY renowned to be one of the best Armies of the world and it divided itself into 6 different regiments.  Term “Regiment” is commonly used for the army and the word is originated from Latin word REGER which means “to rule”. In each country, the regiment has different roles and responsibilities. Each regiment is further divided into different sections called battle groups, battalions, task forces and brigades and etc.

Head of Pak Army is called Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in Pakistan and he is accountable to command the Pak Army. Head Quarter of Pak Army is placed at Rawalpindi, a connecting city to the capital of Pakistan “Islam Abad”.  Lieutenant Generals providing their excellent duties in assisting the COAS including Chief of General Staff(CGS), Chief of Logistics Staff(CLS), Inspector General Arms (IG), Adjutant General (AG), Quarter-Master General (QMG), Inspector General Training & Evaluation (IGT & E) and others.

Currently, Pak Army consists of 6 regiments, below we will get a brief introduction with each of them.

Top 6 Regiment in Pak Army:-

Regiment in Pak Army

Punjab Regiment

Punjab regiment is the biggest and a senior most regiment of Pak Army and consists of 76 battalions it has seen the rise and fall of British Empire, history of South Asia and formation of Pakistan. It is founded in 1956 by the unification of 4 following regiments, 1st Punjab Regiment, 14th, 15th and 16th Punjab regiment respectively. Mardan city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the hub of Punjab Regiment. Punjab regiment has the honour to receive 4 Nishan-e-header awards to its soldiers out of 10 awards, given until now. In present Lietunanent General Sardar Mahmood Ali Khan is successfully leading the Punjab Regiment.

Baloch Regiment

“Ghazi ya Shaheed” (Victorious or Martyrs), The Baloch regiment came into being in 1956 by merging the 8th regiment and Bahawalpur regiment in old Baluch Regiment. It is comprised of more than 50 battalions, same like Punjab regiment it also named after the Baluchistan province of Pakistan and is based in the beautiful city of Abbottabad. This regiment fought with bravery in the wars of 1965 and 1971 with India and won around 279 awards and embraced 73 Sitara-e jurat and 3 Hilal-e-Jurrat. In 1947 at the time of separation from India, it was Baloch regiment who helped refugees in their save movement from India to Pakistan.

The Frontier Force Regiment

“Laibaik” (Here I am) is the motto of Frontier Force Regiment, most of the men in the Frontier regiment are Pathans and Punjabis; Frontier Force Regiment consists of 67 battalions and is located with its center at Abbottabad city of Pakistan. It ranked number 3 after Punjab and Baloch regiment in terms of oldness and seniority.  This Force served at different places outside Pakistan including Saudi Arabia and Somalia. Colonel Commandant is the highest rank in the Frontier Force Regiment and is awarded to Lieutenant General. Frontier Force regiment has its remarkable role in the Siachen and Kargil wars with India.

Azad Kashmir Regiment

Azad Kashmir Regiment is having its HQ at the border of Punjab and KPK, the slogan of AK regiment, when reading in English is “The Sons of Battlefield”. It performed whole heartedly in the Operation “Rah-e-Rast” & “Rah-e-Nijaat”. It served various countries including, Brundi, Bahrain, Sudan with its bravery. Major General Sardar Mohammad, who lately became the president of Azad Kashmir, also served the AK regiment as Colonal Commandant. Liaqat Ali Khan, 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan is among the famous faces of AK regiment.

Sindh Regiment

Sindh Regiment was made on 1st July 1989 to represent the Sindh province of Pakistan.  At the beginning, Sindh regiment was comprised of 21 battalions, eleven out of which transferred from Punjab regiment and 10 from Baloch regiment, until today, battalions’ increases to number 29. 50% of the men in Sindh regiment are from Sindhi population, the center of Sindh regiment is located in the city of Hyderabad.

Northern Light Infantry Regiment

In the year 1998, Gilgit Levies was given the status of the regiment with name Northern Light Infantry Regiment who uses “VICTORS” as its slogan. HQ is based at the Gilgit city of KPK. It had lost around 2,700 men in the conflict of Kargil between India and Pakistan, they are more in number than the wars of 1965 and 1971.


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