Ufone Announces its 4G / LTE Services in Pakistan

Yes, you listened well. Ufone announces its 4G / LTE services in Pakistan, we consulted our sources.

We receive reports that Ufone 4G services are now available to clients in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Ufone confirmed ProPakistani on development.

Ufone Announces its 4G / LTE Services in Pakistan

Twitter users in Islamabad and Rawalpindi already mark Ufone services 4G / LTE.


Ufone does not confirm the cities where 4G launches, but said the Ufone 4G / LTE network will be launched across the country in stages.
But, according to sources, we know that Ufone 4G / LTE is available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, starting immediately, while major metropolitan cities like Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi get Ufone 4G / LTE in the coming weeks.


Ufone clients can call * 4 # to see if your SIM cards are compatible with 4G or not, and whether Ufone 4G / LTE is available in your area or not.


Ufone has advocated its 3G network from the start, which is probably why it has not been updated to 4G for more than half a decade.

The company said 3G, if service quality is maintained, is adequate for users in Pakistan. But with this new decision, it seems that the company is prepared to test new waters, especially since it believes the 4G market is already mature and penetration of 4G phones has also improved, making the overall ecosystem sufficiently feasible to keep in mind. 4G to invest. / LTE.

While many will question how Ufone is starting with 4G spectrum or without a new license, the company says it has everything needed to get regulatory approval to launch 4G / LTE in Pakistan.

Basically, this means that the company will launch 4G services within the available spectrum.

We are involved in the full spectrum available with Ufone, as quality service for 2G and 3G clients can be affected if the limited spectrum of Ufone further splits to offer 4G services.

When asked, Ufone was confident that with the launch of 4G / LTE, existing cell phone customers and their experience would not be affected by this technology and would fully comply with the specified QoS KPI network for these services.

Ufone has not disclosed any investment figures, but said it is committed to the Pakistani market and will continue to invest in newer technologies, including 4G / LTE. “You can see that such implementation requires a significant investment,” Ufone said.

Ufone says it recorded the largest number of data subscribers in October 2018. The company said this trend is confident that with the launch of 4G it will compete even better in the future.

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