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Untold Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits Pineapple, Orange and Strawberry


Untold Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits Pineapple, Orange and Strawberry:   Hello! Friends Today I am going to share some citrus fruits which useful for our health. If we take these fruits daily in our daily life we all become health and strong. Lets take a look of these important fruits.

1. Pineapple

 Firstly i will tell  about Pineapple. Consume Pineapple if you suffering from diarrhea loose motion. It is very helpful in blocking diarrhea. Its also very much necessary for our bones strengthening. For strong bones, keep consuming pineapple. It is also very effective in getting rid from cold and cough, hence do eat pineapple. If you have wart in your body then consumption of pineapple is also very helpful in dissolving warts. It is also good for digestion so eat pineapple. So if you are suffering from diarrhea, problem in digestion, cold and cough, warts. Use pineapple and you will noticeable relief in all the problem.

  2. Strawberry 

    The second one is strawberry. Strawberry is full of Vitamin, which works as an anti oxidant. Anti oxidant protects us from the damages of free radical cells. Its means regular consumption of strawberry reduces the possibilities of cancer. It also works as a memory booster, so those who have poor memory so regular consumption of strawberry helps in boosting memory. Especially kids who are unable to remember their studies. Starts giving them 1 strawberry daily and it will boosts their memory. It is also calm the mind. If any one are irritated, annoyed, upset or depress. So they use 1-2 strawberry and notice that it will soothe or calm the mind.

3. Orange

The third one fruit orange. Orange is full of Vitamin C and its foremost function is to keep immune system strong. It is also increase Disease Resistance Power.  It helps our immune system to fight with surrounding or seasonal diseases like cold, cough and fever. Once immune system is strong then such disease cant affect us. If you will regularly consume an orange. It will keep your immune system healthy and will protects you from all other types of diseases.

      Since it has Vitamin C which protects us from free radical cells that means it will protects us from cancer. It is also very much beneficial to keep your blood pressure normal. If your BP is high, you can consume orange juice to keep your BP normal. It has good amount of fiber in it which makes you digestive system strong. If you are suffering from constipation, keep consuming orange. Orange also protects from respiratory disease and strengthen our lungs. In result you have strong respiratory system, so keep using orange to fight with this disease. It is also good for heart as it protects heart. If you are consuming an orange on daily base, possibilities of heart related diseases goes down.  So these were health benefits of few citrus fruits. Still there are lot of citrus and other fruits are left


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