UrduVOA Blocked in Pakistan due to anti Pakistan propaganda

The government has blocked the Urdu and Pashto websites ofVoice of America (VoA) to cover activities against Pakistan’s Pashtun Tahaffuzmovement (PTM).  According to a VOA official, Pashto’s website was blocked months ago when they held a PTM rally in which slogans were placed against Pakistan. However, the Urdu website was blocked last week after PTM MNA coverage at the Mohsin Dawar press conference.

The name Dawar is in the drop-down list (ECL) for the above-mentioned activities and last week he was banned from flying to Dubai, which led him to convene a press conference. “Initially, we foundcomplaints that the site was unavailable in some places, but then it wascompletely blocked,” the official said.

The official also said that the information minister, Fawad Chaudhry, also confirmed that the site was inaccessible for the same reasons.

If you try to log in, it appears that the site has several errors, such as it has responded too long” or “The connection that make urdu vao has been interrupted while loading the page.” The page you want to see is not available. show because theauthenticity of the received data could not be verified “.

The VOA website in English has published a report in which he quoted Chaudhry Fawad saying that places in Pakistan were blocked by false and biased reports. Chaudhry told Dawn that the blocked sites spread was completely Pakistan to security forces and distribute material with prejudice.

Due to this, the government has asked the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block these sites.

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