What Iqrar ul Hassan Said About his Second Marriage

What Iqrar ul Hassan Said About his Second Marriage: AOA Everyone hope you all are fine. Today I’m going to tell you that, is Iqrar ul Hassan had really married for the second time or not.

News related to Famous Anchor Iqrar ul Hassan’s second marriage is all over the social media these days. While disclosing the secret of second marriage he said that my second marriage was 5 years ago from now and this news was not hidden everybody knows about it and I also tweeted about this news. Since he saw the hype related to his second marriage on social media he decided to disclose the news by posting a video. In which he said that most of my friends advised me to not to share anything related to marriage on media but I think who I am today is because of all of you so I must share this to you.

Two days ago suddenly the breaking news related to my marriage has come up. This marriage has happened 5 years ago and from the first day, everything was known to everybody. When this marriage happened nobody knew me like they know me these days. None of you know that under what circumstances this marriage has happened and I can’t share this with you. There was no breaking of the law and my first wife knew everything related to this. I did not hide anything this happened with the agreement of my first wife.

Iqrar ul Hassan said that even if I’m not with them by both wives keep meeting each other and also go out together and even give gifts to each other and also buy them when they go out of the country. It is difficult for you to admit that because you all in our society it is kind of wrongdoing. If you think this is wrong that doesn’t mean it is wrong two people can be happy like this.

Anchor has said that with the distance of a single street in the same area both of my wives have their own house. If one family goes to Europe with me then after some time the second family also goes with me. I have tried a lot to bring the justness. If I want to bring justice to Pakistan so I had brought justice to my home first which I did. If I think to keep the people of Pakistan happy so I had to kept the people happy who are close to me. I want to support Pakistan so first it did for my family. Many people are appreciating and praying. If some affair related to me had come up so none of this hype would be had happen but one legal thing had come up which was never kept hidden. In my personal life, I’m not doing any kind of injustice with anyone. In my Europe trip, someone asked me who is this person in the picture so I said that’s my wife. I told it myself so I didn’t hide anything.


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