What is Good English for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exams

What is Good English for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exams: It is wrong to think that one can write English by mastering a few rules of grammar. There was never a greater delusion. Rules of grammar do count but they are not whole matter. Thus it is possible that one may write English which may be grammatically correct but may not still be good English. Here is complete detail about What is Good English for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exams.

What is Good English for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exams:-



The Pakistani student is in a particularly difficult position in acquiring the knowledge of English because it is a foreign language. Foreign to him in spirit, in origin, in traditions and in genius. He cannot be blamed if he finds it difficult to master the intricacies of English idiom and usage.

The secret of writing good English does not lie in memorizing the rules of grammar but in developing the habits of clear thinking and expression. As Matthew Arnold has put it so beautifully: “ have something to say and say it as clearly as possible.”. most of the students in Pakistan have involved style because they have either nothing to say or say it as vaguely as they can. Perspicuity or lucidity is the first request for a good style. The writers chief aim should be to convey his ideas to others as clearly and lucidly as possible. In order to attain lucidity, he should avoid confusion of ideas, the vagueness of expression, repetition of argument and use of slang and bombast.

Pakistani students should especially guard against the use of difficult and out of way word and expressions. Most of the students labor under the misunderstanding that the only English worth writing is the English overloaded with difficult words and phrases. They prefer long and high sounding words to simple and familiar words of everyday prose because they want to dazzle the reader. They do not realize that a bombastic style is a thing of the past and provokes ridicule rather than admiration. They should, therefore, make it a point to use simple and familiar words and avoid difficult expressions as they would avoid the devil or the plague. H.W. Fowler and F.G. Fowler in their valuable book. The king’s English have given the following practical rules in the domain of vocabulary. Prefer the familiar word to the far-fetched. Prefer the concrete word to the abstract. Prefer the single word to the circumlocution. Prefer the short word to the long.

Read the passage and answer these three questions what, how and why. Once you do this you can be assured that you can now move on the answering the questions correctly as understood the paragraph well. But are thinking you are going spending five minutes in answering those questions. Of course not remembers that you teachers always tell you that the reading is a good habit. Read well this will be able to comprehend the passage faster and more accurately. There is no two way about it. You should able to answer the questions correctly. Overconfidence in any competitive examination is dangerous.



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