Why Baluchistan is very Important for Pakistan

Why Baluchistan is very Important for Pakistan:

Balochistan is one of the major Province by area and most important for Pakistan because of its minerals reserves. It is also the biggest source of energy for the country due to large numbers of reserves found in this province. So today I discuss why Baluchistan is important for Pakistan due to its location and geopolitics. Here are some facts Why Baluchistan is very Important for Pakistan.

Why Baluchistan is very Important for Pakistan

Balochistan is the largest province with least population by size in the country. It is located in the southwestern region and occupies up to 45% of the total land area of Pakistan, almost half of the size of the country. The province is bordered by Iran in the west, Afghanistan in the north and in the south lies the Arabian Sea. It gives Pakistan access to the Iranian border Iran is a country blessed with large reserves of natural resources. Natural gas produced in its region is exported to many countries.
After international sanctions on Iran were lifted Iran with Pakistan is again trying to initiate the process to revive Iran-Pakistan natural gas pipeline project which was resumed under pressure from the U.S.
This gas pipeline passes through Balochistan to deliver natural gas to Pakistan’s major cities.

Without Baluchistan involvement, export of natural gas is only possible by liquefying gas
and transporting through sea route to Karachi. In this case expenditure on transport increases, further increasing the price of natural gas Pakistan cannot afford such expenses. When it is unable to arrange funds to complete gas pipeline work due to economic crisis in the country while another side Iran had already completed the pipeline project till the border of Baluchistan

Sea route is identified as one of the main ways to facilitate the long-distance trade to add economic development to the country. Karachi is one of such gateway for Pakistan. It is the largest and busiest port, heavily flooded with cargos. Around 60% of nation’s cargo is handled by Karachi alone, making it the most important point to carry trade with other countries. Karachi currently contributes 20% GDP of total Pakistan’s GDP. Therefore it is considered financial and commercial capital of the country
Gwadar in Balochistan will be the only remaining major port to keep supply lines alive.
Alive and preventing Pakistan from becoming a landlocked country.
Gwadar port in Balochistan is currently undergoing several changes.
The Port is currently officially leased by China for 43 years as a part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project and China is willing to spend $1.153 billion dollars on the construction of port and development of basic infrastructure in the city. Gwadar in this project plays a very vital role due to its geostrategic location in the region where more 13 million barrels of oil pass every day through the strait of Hormuz. The port makes easier for Pakistan to explore and access natural resources from Gulf countries
and on another hand, it also has complete potential to become a gateway to export oil to central Asia, South Asia and western region of China. China turning Gwadar into an international trade hub for Pakistan.
This would create new job opportunities for locals and help to add economy to the country.
Baluchistan is exceptionally rich in natural resources. The Sui gas field in the region is the biggest gas field in the country, it accounts 35% of total Pakistan’s gas production. Other minerals like coal found in Duki tehsil is very rich and high in quality. These reserves of coal mines are enough large to complete existing and future energy requirement of the entire country.
Iron ore deposits in Dilband area of Kalat have been estimated over 200 million tons and there are other highly rich natural reserves of other minerals can be found in the region and many more deposits of minerals are still to be explored in the province. These minerals have estimated worth nearly to $1 trillion dollars which is about four times more when compared to Pakistan’s current economy.
With all these factors Balochistan alone is not just self-capable to improve its economy but it also has great potential to boost entire Pakistan’s economy to a great extent but unfortunately even though with such great efficiency the province remains largely underdeveloped and indigenous people of Balochistan are still compelled to live an impoverished life


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