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Why Most CSS Aspirants Fail Downswing of CSS Results


Why Most CSS Aspirants Fail Downswing of CSS Results: Central superior serves (CSS) held every year since 1947 for the selection of bureaucrats in Pakistan. Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said about the civil servants “Civil Service is the backbone of the State. Governments are formed. Governments are defeated; Prime Ministers come and go; Ministers come and go; but you stay on, and therefore, there is a very great responsibility placed on your shoulders.”. Here is complete detail about Why Most CSS Aspirant Fail Downswing of CSS Results.

Why Most CSS Aspirants Fail downswing of CSS Results:-

Why Most CSS Aspirant Fail - Downswing of CSS Results

The final result of CSS Exam 2016 was announced a few days ago which shows only 2.06 percent of passing candidates. On factual bases from about 9,643 candidates appearing in the written exam hardly about 202 candidates managed to surpass the first and the most difficult hurdle of CSS exam. From these 202 successors, 199 cleared the interview as well.

The results of the CSS exams have been facing downswing for several years, as 3.33pc students cleared the exam in 2014, 3.11pc in 2015 and only 2.06pc in 2016.

The truth is Pakistan’s standards of education are falling. You don’t need big inquiries and commissions to figure it out. In the current scenario of Pakistan, the higher education system of Pakistan is not up to the mark to meet the criteria of bureaucrats. Students have been taught the outdated syllabus and just the cramming of others creativities, researchers and inventions led to the fading of one’s own creativity and opinion based thoughts. There is no such motivation or inspiration given in these institutes which give you the reckless self-confidence and determination, so a fresh graduate which on himself decided to go for the CSS exam not go with his top priority and also not indulge his full efforts.

There is also the social pressure from family, relatives and especially your haters that always make aspirants feel pressurized. This is not the lone social impact the other one is also the involving of aspirants in the family problems as in Pakistani scenario we are dependent on the family, so you have to give your intentions to them also. The expectation of the family from you goes above the upper limit as you get your degree about the financial support, which not let you follow your dream of becoming a civil servant.

The elite of Pakistan which comes to fit the requirements of CSS usually wants to follow the career in the private sector which provide the comfortable setup, while on the other hand becoming the civil servant meant like to put themselves in the center of wild wolves according to them.

Social media, no doubt, is the source of information and is the mean of connecting people is the lone activity of youth to waste their potential, energy and time these days. This also made them away from the hobby of newspaper and book reading. The semester system of our universities also has the part in shooting the habit of book reading.

Change is possible, but only if honest critiques are produced and appeared and accepted in CSS exam.